Dr Jean Gauvin, M.V.

Dr. Gauvin realized his childhood dream when he graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Montreal in 1980. His passion for pets and veterinary medicine was transmitted to him by his grandfather, himself a veterinarian and pioneer of the profession in Canada.

Between his work in private practice and at the Montreal Zoo and Aquarium (1983-1988), Dr. Gauvin wrote a reptile practical guide. He co-wrote and realized four videos on the normal and abnormal behaviour of cats and dogs. Thanks to his expertise and his ability to be fluent in both official languages, he is frequently called upon to give lectures across Canada. Dr. Gauvin taught in universities and colleges for several years (1985-1996) before devoting himself exclusively to private practice and media. Dr. Gauvin has over 25 years experience in the field of electronic (radio, television) and written media. For five years he hosted the popular TV show ” Pas Si Bête Que Ça! ” on the TQS network. From 2013-2016, he joined the team of the TV Show « Libre Service » aired on MAtv. He is now a veterinary columnist for the radio show « Les éclaireurs » aired on Ici Radio-Canada Première.

Dr. Gauvin is married to Lyne, has two sons Charles and Alexandre, a wire-haired teckel named Maya, Gaston an orange tabby cat and Caroline the turtle.

In 1995, the Academy of Veterinary Medicine of Quebec awarded him the “Damasse Généreux.” This award recognizes the importance of a veterinarian in the development of pet veterinary medicine in Quebec. In 2000, he was the recipient of the Small Animal Practitioner of the Year, awarded by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. From 2014-2015, Dr. Gauvin served as president of the Canadian veterinary medical association and he now sits on the board of the Ordre des médecins vétérinaires du Québec.

Dre Mélanie Normand, M.V.

Since the tender age of 7 years old, Dr. Mélanie Normand has always wanted to be a veterinarian. In May 2013, after many long years of schooling, she graduated with a doctorate in veterinary medicine from the Université de Montréal. Dr. Normand has always had a keen interest for animals and their well-being, which motivated her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. She has a marked interest for internal medicine, preventative medicine and clinical pathology.

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Normand is a passionate sports fan, especially hockey and golf. Avid fan of the Montreal Canadiens hockey team, she often attends CH hockey games. She also loves to travel, and has been to France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, England and Spain.

Dr. Normand is the proud mommy of a sweet little cat, named Katniss.

Lyne Cossette
Clinic manager

Lyne has worked at the clinic since it’s opening. She combines the functions of clinic director, human ressources manager and even as a hardware ressources manager when it comes to the additions and renovations that were made to the clinic over the years. But it is as a receptionist that Lyne is pleased to welcome guests and keep a pulse of what is happening in the beautiful world of Lachine Veterinary Clinic.

Denise Paquin
Head of customer service

Denise is and has been, the customer service coordinator for the Clinic for over 15 years, offering an attentive ear and excellent service. On any given day, she encounters a multitude of different animals , and is always ready and willing to provide our customers with outstanding tips on health and on the well being of their pets. Her vast experience in the fields of customer service and finances provides her with the tools necessary to navigate through the most delicate situations. Her smile and self assurance towards the customers put everyone at ease and are truly one of her greatest attributes

Caroline Ferron, BSc.
Animal health technician

An animal lover since her early childhood , Caroline was 17 years old when she began working in a veterinary clinic. In 1991 she decided to study in the field of zoology. It is through her education and work experience that her love grew, not only for animal health in general, but also to study the fascinating relationship between humans and animals. Helping people and their pets became one of her key goals. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in 1994 from McGill University and decided to continue working with pets. These years of experience give her a lot of knowledge on small animals… furry, feathered and scaly .It is through her ​​work with animals that she feels she is bringing an important help to people. Caroline works with us as an animal health technician since 1998.

Stéfanie Lemay, A.H.T.
Animal health technician, WEB editor and social media manager

Ever since she was a young child, Stefanie always had a sincere love for animals, especially of the canine variety. Decades later and still very much determined to work in that field, she completed her animal health science diploma from Cégep Saint-Hyacinthe in 2002 and short after, joined the Lachine veterinary clinic team. Since the well-being of animals of all kinds (birds, reptiles and of the furry variety) holds a special place in her heart, she fell in love with her work almost immediately. Calm and caring, she knows how to take care of the patients (large and small) and make them all feel special. Outside of work, she shares her home with Happy the Great Dane, her two cats Sushi and Diego, Mousse the cockatiel and Zipper the corn snake. Curious by nature with a keen eye for the news (print and web) she’s happy to be in charge of the social media department and web editing for the clinic.

Richard Belec
Head of housekeeping, animal health technician assistant

Richard worked at the clinic for 15 years. He adopts the man’s role to do everything. He ensures the cleanliness of the clinic and also serves as an assistant technician on occasion. He works behind the scenes, you will see him very rarely in the late afternoon. He’s obviously passionate about animals, he especially likes reptiles and tarantulas. He has a few different species, and takes great care of them. If you meet him at the clinic, say hello!